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We are pleased to announce the launch, of the new Akyga battery website. When creating it, one of the main goals was to ensure the comfort of its users. The new version is more intuitive and easier to use. It has been realised taking into account the latest trends, thanks to which it is clear and has a completely new design.

Key changes include:

▶ simple and more intuitive

▶ the possibility to download data sheets directly from the website ▶ division of the product range into rechargeable and primary cells ▶ intuitive battery selection search engine

▶ speed up!

Easy-to-use search engine

Thanks to the easy-to-use search engine, the user will be able to select the right lithium polymer battery for their needs in a very short time.

By filling in the fields with the right values, you'll get the battery you're looking for!

now you can sort the result for example by:

- capacity

- thickness

- width

- length

❗ if you still haven't found the right battery, you are welcome to make an enquiry via the contact form.

It's not over yet

We are constantly improving the functioning of the site and new features may be coming soon

We hope that you will like the new design and that the website will be more useful and will make it easier for you to find and select batteries.

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