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Advantages over traditional solutions


   Our mission is to provide a competitive and professional offer
in all power supply applications and consumer electronics field.

Many years of market presence has allowed us to gain experience through which we can now perform our mission by providing products of the highest quality. We constantly take care of continuous offer development so Akyga can become synonymous with creative following the development of digital and power supply technology. At the moment our product portfolio contains about 400 items and still growing. Besides Lithium Polymer cells, Akyga brand is also currently one of the fastest growing brands on the power supplies and computer cases market in Europe.

We take a special care on the contact with our customers, we believe, that relationship based on a mutual respect of interests is a key to long term cooperation. We adapt our offer to the individual needs of the customer, so we are sure that we contribute to overall success and satisfaction with our services. With our work we want to give to the customer a possibility to use from our carefully prepared offer and high quality support backed by years of experience in this field.  Based on this, we want to strive to the constant development of the company, which will become a wide alternative for a  commercial offer in a relation to the regular structure of the traditional distribution market.

The Akyga brand is also one of the fastest growing brands on the Polish lithium-polymer battery market as well as power supplies and computer cases.



by choosing Akyga lithium-polymer battery

Large choice of batteries in different sizes and capacities

Prismatic case which thickness varies in size from 3-10mm (for single cell). The width and length are chosen according to the specific customer demand. There is also an unrestricted ability to link cells intovarious packets.

High quality protection system

Protects battery from overcharging, excessive discharge and gives you the ability to control the operating temperature.

Easy to assembling

Multiplicity of various leads guarantees trouble-free connection.

JST connector




Hundreds of different models

Allowing to customize the battery pack depending on required  capacity, voltage and case dimensions

Apart of standard models, Akyga offers high discharge batteries from 2C up to 50C as well as batteries with higher voltage along with wide range of connectors.

Akyga battery offers lithium polymer batteries in capacity from 30mAh up to 10 000mAh in a single cell. All three dimensions (thickness, width, length) of prismatic battery case can be matched upon customer demand.



wide range of applications

Akyga lithium-polymer batteries are a high-performance power source that you can use in most devices.

Robotics and remote controlled devices

Power supply

Medical devices

Consumer electronics





Thanks to a very wide available models’ list including various capacity and quality certificates, you are sure that AKYGA will be the correct choice.

RoHS    UN 38.3    IEC 62133    MSDS



Are lithium-polymer batteries a safe solution?

Choosing lithium polymer batteries from Akyga Batteries range you get a reliable and safe solution.

Batteries include the high quality modules protecting against overcharging, over-discharging and short circuit.

Where can I use them?

Thanks to their flexibility (customized size and capacity) Akyga batteries are commonly used in varied applications such as RC models, customer electronics, GPS, medical devices,

measuring equipment.

Can I combine them into packages?

Yes, lithium polymer batteries can be combined in series or in parallel packages thus increasing their voltage or capacity.




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